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Are You a Valentine Responsible Investor?

Do you ever feel like Valentine’s Day is some commercially contrived holiday to get you to overspend on folded pieces of cardboard adorned with pithy sayings that you seal in an envelope of some shade of red to accompany a dozen roses that the grocery store put up front and is now charging double what they were last week when they were back by the restrooms?

Of course you do.  But you play along anyway.  Because you’re a Valentine Responsible Investor.  Or V-R-I for short.

And you’re not the only one.  Valentine’s shoppers will spend more than 27-billion dollars this year according to the National Retail Federation.  That’s a lot of candy, cards, and flowers.

Among the acronym soup of investing filters, VRI investors appear to be the most passionate.  At least on February 14th.  

Much like Biblically Responsible Investors, they align their investment with their faith and belief.  They typically have faith in and believe in their loved one.

Like a BRI investor who doesn’t invest in companies that don’t pass certain screens, a VRI investor doesn’t invest in lost loves or broken romances or exes. 

A Biblically Responsible Investor will sometimes engage with a company in hopes of prompting a change of policy or practice.   A VRI may just get engaged.  Attempting to change a loved one’s behavior… not recommended…Valentine’s day…or ever.

Much like Biblically Responsible investor, a Valentine Responsible Investor knows that a relatively small investment today could really pay off down the road.

After all, the card, the candy, the flowers, even your loved one…they all belong to God.  You’re just taking good care of them for now.

Why should Valentine’s investors have all the fun.  They’re investing for tonight, we’re investing for eternity.