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Biblically Responsible Investing: The First Step (It's All God's Anyway)

I believe the first step in Biblically Responsible Investing is knowing that the money you’re managing belongs to God.  If you don’t take the world view that it all belongs to God, then it’s really hard to see the necessity of Biblically Responsible Investing.  

Why would it matter what types of companies or industries you invested in.  Who cares what social causes or principles a company promotes are.  You’d just be looking for the absolute best return, the best performer, the index beater.

I’ve even heard the strategy of seeking out companies that supposedly would outperform their peers, without regard for how they’re doing that, so one could make even more money, and be able to give away even more money to God pleasing causes and charities.

Well, I think God might have something to say about that (Verse). Sure sounds like absolute return is not the most important thing. That how you make your money is far more important to God.  

Sometimes I think of it this way.  Imagine I had a son.  He knows I love tennis.  I’ve been thinking about getting new racket for my birthday.  A Wilson RF97, the Roger Federer Autograph model.  It’s $250 bucks, so do I really need it…or just want it.  Yeah…I really need it.

My son gets wind of my want and decides that’s what he’s getting me for my birthday.  Only problem, he’ll have to cut about 10 extra lawns this week to get the cash for the racket.  Or, some questionable characters at school offered him $1,000 to drop off a package at a suspicious warehouse down by the cruise port.  He’s not sure what’s in the package, but knows it’s probably not legit.

But hey, if he makes more money doing something he doesn’t really believe in, he’d be able to buy me four rackets for my birthday and really make me happy.  Or so he thinks.

What do you think?  If I knew how he made the cash, I’d be outraged.   I wouldn’t want any part of it.  And even if I never knew how he did it, made all that cash, don’t you think it would eat away at him.  He couldn’t be proud of himself.

The thing is, my father, our father, would know.  He knows everything.  And he doesn’t need our money.   He already owns it all.  He wants you to earn and use His money in a way that makes Him, and you proud.  A way that honors God.

Knowing that It’s All God’s Anyway is the first step in a Biblically Responsible Investing journey.

Why should Socially Responsible Investors have all the fun.  They’re investing for tomorrow.  We’re investing for eternity.