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Biblically Responsible Investing...Voting With Your Wallet

As consumers we do it all the time.  Voting with our wallets.  If we don’t like a product, we buy its competitor.  If we don’t like the way we were treated, we’ll go to a different restaurant next time, even if the food was good.  If we don’t like a cause a particular store is promoting, we’ll shop somewhere else.

Why don’t we do the same with our investments.  Probably because we didn’t know we could.  I never used to think about the companies inside my mutual funds.  All I cared about was picking winners.  A fund with a long track record of solid performance.

How the hundred or two hundred companies inside the mutual fund made their money didn’t matter.  As long as they made a profit, my shares increased in value and I made money.

If it matters where we shop, eat, and get our coffee, shouldn’t it matter where we invest.  Do we really want to profit from something we don’t believe in?

Biblically Responsible Investing sends a message corporate America.  It aligns the investments with your values, beliefs, and biblical principles.  And it honors God.  After all, it’s all His anyway.