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BRI...A Background Check on Your Investments

Biblically Responsible Investing…BRI for short…is a type of investing that matches your values and beliefs with the investment…the company or mutual fund that you’re investing in.

So how do you, or the professionals that you hire, choose these companies that align with your values and biblical principles?  They run screens.  That’s financial speak.  They’re really just filters.  Filtering out investments that don’t match certain criteria.

Let’s try this out.  Imagine you’re single and you’re looking for an appropriate person to date and potentially marry.  You’ve got standards, certain things you’re looking for in a person.  Although you realize nobody is perfect, there are certain things that are deal breakers for you.

Many folks don’t go beyond what they find on the surface.  They might find a person physically attractive.  Seems like they have a job and place to live.  Maybe you have a lot in common.  Seems like they’ve got a pretty good brand going there.  A lot of folks leave it there and start up a relationship.

But in today’s world, there are many who take it to another level and conduct a background check.  Often turning up things that would rule out starting a relationship.  What do they say…better to find out now than later.

Most investors do something similar.  The mutual fund has a nice track record.  By the way…that means nothing about future performance.  But you knew that.  The mutual fund comes from a nice family.   They’re well known.  In fact industry leaders.  So you begin the relationship.

But do you really know much about the companies your mutual fund invests in?  Sure, it says large cap growth in the title.  But which large companies are they?  And what do they do?  How do they make their money?  What causes or charities are they giving their money to?

This is where BRI comes in…running those screens, those filters to find out and then exclude any companies that don’t meet up to standards.  Typically filtering out companies that have anything to do with abortion, or abortion drugs, pornography, anti-family activity…and the list goes on.

BRI…a background check on your investments.  Might not catch everything, but it’s a good start on lining up your investments with your values.