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February 2021 Snapshot

We’re 58-days or so into the new year and only 351-days into 15-days to slow the spread.  I’m pretty sure the curve was flattened long ago.

But there’s no flattening the stock market, at least not in February.  

The S&P 500 popped a little better than 2.5% for the month.  A plus 1.5% for January and February combined.  You’ll recall that the 500 is an index measuring the performance of the 500 biggest companies in corporate America.  

If I were doing a vaccine trial, I’d rather use a pool of 500 vaccinees than just 30.  But hey, 30 is enough for the Dow, 30-big companies in that index, and traditionally the one that grabs the most attention as an indicator of how the market is doing.

The Dow wrapping the month a touch better than 3% higher.  1-percent on the year.

The electronic market’s composite index, NASDAQ, almost eking out a 1-percent gain.  Nearly 2.5% year-to-date.

And if we go to the judges scorecard, the Russell wins the month in an unanimous decision.  6% higher for the month, and just about 12% so far in 2021.  Who is this Russell?  Another Wall Street Index, of course.  The more the merrier, so it seems.  

This one tracking the performance of the 2,000 smallest companies in the country.  And when I say small companies, this ain’t Johnnie’s Pizza down by the WaWa.  These so-called small caps have an average capitalization of nearly 4-billion dollars each.

By the way, as I’m prepping this, the Dow is kicking March off with a little madness.  Up 600-points or just about 2% for the day.  As I like to say, one day, an investing career does not make.  

That’s why we stay invested through the ups and downs.  We know that’s a normal and expected part of being an investor.  After all, we’re investors, not traders or speculators.