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Is Biblically Responsible Investing for Me?

Biblically Responsible Investing is a way to match your investments with your values, your beliefs, your faith.  For Christians, that means aligning the investment with biblical principles.

In practice that means not profiting from investing in a company that violates biblical principles.    Another way to look at it…not profiting from a company in a business that God would not approve.

Some consider BRI part of the broader movement of SRI, Socially Responsible Investing and ESG, Environmental, Social, And Governance.  It’s  big business.  According to data from Morningstar, 8.4-billion dollars flowed into ESG funds the first half of 2019, topping the 5.4-billion in 2018.   https://www.morningstar.com/articles/935713/sustainable-funds-in-the-us-saw-record-flows-in-the-first-half

For my money, SRI falls a little short.  Typically looking for investments in so-called green businesses or businesses capitalizing on cultural trends.  Hey…I’m all for doing good.  But what’s considered good today could be a cultural outcast tomorrow.  

Not so with BRI.  It’s based on biblical principles.  Principles that stand the test of time.  Technology and techniques may have changed over the last two-thousand years.  But what’s good, what’s right, what’s true hasn’t, despite what popular culture tries to tell us.

Is BRI for you?

Here’s three questions to ask yourself:

Do you take that world view that God’s owns it all?  Everything…including the money currently under your management.

Do you believe your role is to be the best manager of the assets He’s given you?

As the manager, do you believe you should avoid investing in companies involved in businesses or practices that God would not approve?

Well, it’s easy to score that quiz.  If any or all of your answers were a yes, you’re a BRI candidate.  

Your next step is to screen your current investments to see how lean and clean they are.  Be careful…you might find out something you didn’t want to know.  And then you can’t un-know it.

I believe Biblically Responsible Investing is for everyone…everyone just doesn’t know it yet.  Hey…why should Socially Responsible Investors have all the fun…they’re investing for tomorrow…we’re investing for eternity.