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Manage Your Money Like It Belongs To Someone Else

Ever feel like you’re struggling because you’re not managing money well?  Maybe you’re thinking about it all wrong.  Start thinking that you’re really managing it for someone else...because you really are.

It’s not really yours.  You’re just the current manager of those assets.  The money, the home, the cars...where do you think they came from?  OK, the cars...maybe Detroit.  Doesn’t matter.  The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it... 

Sometimes a shift in mindset is all it takes to put your personal finances in proper perspective.  Start thinking that you’re managing money for someone else.  Let’s say a business hires you to handle their financial affairs.  You’re the Chief Financial Officer, the CFO.  You track cash flow, pay bills, invest the profits.  

How are you doing?  Think you’d treat that responsibility different than the way you’re currently handling your personal finances?  If you handled the business affairs the way you currently handle your personal affairs, would you still have a job in 3-months?

I think sometimes we handle other peoples assets much better than we handle or take care of our own.  Ever borrowed a friend’s car?  Didn’t you take extra care to keep it clean and damage free until you returned it?  Yeah...because it belonged to someone else.

Start treating your personal finances like they belong to someone else.  Because they do.  It’s all God’s anyway.