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Ownership Has Its Privledges

You got one share of Disney your Grandma gave you for your 10th birthday.  Well, how about that.  You’re an owner of Disney.  A real, bona fide business owner.  Yeah…a small piece.  But you’re a real, live owner of Disney, be it ever so fractional.

As an owner of Disney or any other company for that matter, you’re entitled to all the benefits of ownership.  Namely, you’ll participate in the profits and losses of the company.  That usually comes by way of dividends and the price appreciation of your share of ownership.  It’s your piece of the Mouse House, even if it’s just one share.   

And of course, there will be times when the price of your share will go south.  That’s a normal thing when you’re an owner of a company.

As a shareholder, you’re also entitled to vote on company matters.  Things like selecting board members or executive compensation or corporate policy revisions.  

You can go to the annual shareholders meeting and place your vote.  Even speak up at the meeting if you’ve got a bone to pick.  Not sure if that phrase is used anymore,  But my Mom liked it, so I’m bringing it back.  Or you can vote the proxy that usually comes in the mail.  Yeah…one of those things most folks peek at and toss in the trash.  So start paying attention to those.

Now that you realize your responsibilities as an owner, and that you’ll be a part of the profits of the company, do you know how the company makes its money?  Do you know what you’re profiting from?

That’s the premise of BRI.  Find out what businesses, practices, and causes the company promotes to assure those align with your values and beliefs.  And more importantly biblical principles so as to be pleasing to God.  

Hey, God doesn’t need any more money.  It’s all His anyway.  He wants you to reap the blessings of responsible ownership.  

Reference to any specific securities do not constitute an offer to buy or sell any securities.