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Playing Irish Today? Do This.

Happy St. Patrick’s day.  Bet you almost forgot amid the crazy news cycle we’re in.  But there’s cause to celebrate.  Because today you’re Irish.

On St Patrick’s day everyone wants to be Irish.  So go ahead and appropriate away.  We love it when we share our culture.  Or anything else we have.

That’s because the Irish aren’t easily offended.  Well, maybe for as long as the barkeep takes to pull a pint.  Then we’ll laugh and sing with you. …even regale you with a tale or two.  Our stories get better every telling.

We’re among the friendliest people in the world.  So if you’re going to be Irish, remember that if you’re in the paper products aisle today.

Because the Irish don’t give a crap about toilet paper.  Oh yeah, we love our Charmin.  But we Irish know how to improvise.  We know there’s more than one use for cabbage.  Corned beef…no.

The Irish know life is uncertain.  It doesn’t come with guarantees.  We can’t control everything.  We’re probably not even controlling the things we think we are.  

What the market does in the short-term is uncertain.  Economic uncertainty is certain. And we’ll certainly get by this uncertain time.

Share.   Share you stuff.  Share your stories.  Share you lives.  Even if it’s from 6-feet away.

Improvise.  Come on.  You’re Irish today.  But you’re still American.  And Americans can figure anything out.

And Pray.  As Irish-Americans, we’ll listen to our leaders.  And pray to our maker.  Knowing that God is still in charge.

If you really want to be Irish today, jump on the prayer wagon and say your prayers before your pint. 

God Bless and Stay healthy my friends.