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Stock Market Hits a New High

If you’ve been too caught up in the riots, hydroxychloroquine bans, mask mandates, social media censorship, and race issues…color and presidential, to see what’s been happening on Wall St., I’ve got you covered.  

I’ve filtered out the fake news and found the numbers.  The real numbers.  Not manipulated statistics or peer reviewed double blind studies.  But actual closing numbers to the major market indexes.  

Real numbers that prove how well the market is doing.  Real numbers that mainstream media is slow to reveal if they even let you see them at all.  As good as they are at spinning news they certainly aren’t giving these a good spin.

A quick recap of how we got here.  After rising 40% since Christmas, the market hit an all time high on February 19th.  But the self-induced Covid coma prompted a panic selloff, sending the market down 34% in 33-days.

When the doctor, the Federal Reserve in this case, prescribed unlimited medicine, credit to the system, the patient experienced it’s best 50-day rally in history, gaining 40%.  

And now, from the lows of March 23rd to mid August, the S&P 500 has climbed 50%.  Fifty.  Five-zero.  And on Tuesday, the 500 hitting a new all time high, topping its previous record back on February 19th.  

Haven’t seen that in the news, have you.  Yeah, because mainstream media likes to social distance from anything positive.

And they like to make you think you’re a victim.  In this case, a victim of the market, or those damn billionaires.  But you know better.  You’re an investor, not a trader or speculator.  When they scream “Bear Market”, you fire back B-S. “Big Sale”.   

I’m proud of you for not following the herd and panicking when the market tumbled.  The fearful fallen can only wish they hung on and reaped the rewards of patience rather than panic.  A lesson I find applicable not only to investments, but life as well.