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Stop Bashing Billionaires

Why the demonization of rich guys.  Don’t you want to be rich too?  Unless you have no ambition to improve your own situation.  

If you’re rich, you served.  You’ve served God’s other children and they freely gave you money for that service.  

Just think of all the people that Bill Gates served.  Software that made millions of lives better.  Software that millions purchased without someone holding a gun to their head.  All the jobs he created.  All the families whose lives improved.

Same with Steve Jobs.  That Walton family.  And thousands of other lesser known CEOs who served no less thousands in their worlds.  

Did the folks at the Apple store force you to give them money so you could have the latest, greatest iPhone or AirPods.  Of course not.  You found value in trading your dollars for something you concluded would improve your life.

And if Apple makes a lot of money doing that…well, they’re serving a lot of people.

Sure, there’s a relatively small number of rich people who got rich doing something illegal.  There’s a few bad apples in every profession…doctor’s, lawyers, plumbers, and even pro athletes.  

Yet the vast majority of Americans in every profession are hard working folks serving their fellow citizens.  They’re doing good serving their local communities and sometimes the entire country.  If they happen to become millionaires doing that, or heaven forbid, billionaires…I say good for them.  They’ve must have served of lot of people.