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What is Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI)?

Biblically Responsible Investing, known as BRI, is investing in things that God approves of.  Or put another way, not investing in things, companies or mutual funds, that you know God would not approve of.

Here’s an easy example; do you think God would approve of you investing in a mutual fund that invested in companies that made abortion drugs, or gave to organizations that promote abortion.  Of course not.

But for most of us, we never even thought about the underlying companies and how they made their money or the causes they support.  It was all about performance.  At least that’s the way I used to look at it.

I didn’t even know there was an investing approach based on the Bible.  I knew there were principles we should follow when it come to handling our personal finances.  That we should tithe and give generously and be overall good stewards, good managers of our money.  But I never thought about the actual investments and whether or not they were pleasing to God.

But the more I delved into it…the more sense it made.  If I’m trying to honor God with my finances, wouldn’t investments be a part of my finances.  And if I’m investing in something that God is against…well, should I really be investing in it?  

I admit…I never even thought of it that way before.  But now that I do…I can’t go back.  And I can’t knowingly invest in something that would be unpleasing to God…something that goes against biblical principles.

Let’s say your dad gave you a lump sum to invest for him while he was gone for six-months on a work assignment.  When he returned you were able to give him his principal and a pretty good profit.

When he asks you how it was invested, would you be proud to say you made those returns from investing in a company that makes drugs that induce abortions?  Or you found this great money maker…but they’re in the pornography business.  How would your father feel?  I know I wouldn’t be proud of that, no matter how great the return on investment.

You can see where this is going…God is our father…it’s all his money…and we’ve got to be proud of the way we handle his money.  That’s what BRI is all about…honoring and worshiping God with our investments.