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What Should I Do When The Market Goes Down?

Here’s a quick review of the things to think about and remember during a market pullback.

You’ll likely not hear anything you haven’t heard before.  But if we only needed to hear things once, then we wouldn’t bother going to church every Sunday.

Let’s go to church on this.

Declines are temporary, advances are permanent.  Market corrections, bear markets, and even recessions are part of being an investor.  

We’re investors, not traders or speculators.  That means we don’t do market timing or economic forecasting.

And we certainly don’t sell low in a panic, waiting to buy high again once the coast if clear.  

Do you ever recall how Joe down the street or maybe Diane at the office always says how they wish they had bought some of America’s greatest companies when they were on sale back in 2008 and 2009.  Maybe you said it.  I wish I bought more.

Well, here’s our chance.  America’s best financed, most profitable, well funded companies are on sale.

I can’t predict the future.  But we’ll probably look back at this, thinking…that was a great buying opportunity.

And if you’re investing in your 401k, surely don’t stop. Those funds in your 401k are on sale.  You can buy more shares for the same contribution amount.  If you can, increase your contributions.

And never forget that your faith, family, and friends are way more important than what happens in the stock market today, tomorrow, or next week.

This too, shall pass.  Stay healthy, my friends.