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Don't Look Back For Too Long - Tax Time Ahead

Happy New Year!  I realize New Year’s was three weeks ago, but this video was on back-order due to supply chain issues.

Year two of 15-days to slow the spread seemed to contain all the market busters that pundits warn about.  Rigged elections, a coup at the Capitol, defunding police and record crime, inflation, and those pesky supply chain issues.

I can even tell at my Publix there’s not as many items for the stock crew to keep in near perfect military formation on the shelves.

Despite all that noise, the S&P 500 marched on to 70-new highs last year.

Finishing the year with a 27-percent gain, the third straight year of double digit gains.

The Dow wrapping with a more than respectable 18-point win.

And it looks like Blackjack for NASDAQ.  Up 21-percent in 2021.

And if you didn’t flinch at all the market head fakes during the year, you got a piece of those profits in your portfolio.  And I know you didn’t flinch.  Because you’re an investor, not a trader or speculator.

But as Boston recommended in their 1978 second studio album…Don’t Look Back.

I’ve got more than a feeling that big things are ahead this year.

Here’s what’s on the horizon.

Just about everyone’s favorite…tax season.  Officially kicking off on January 24th.  The IRS starts accepting 2021 returns that day.  I’ve seen reports they’re still processing millions of returns from 2020.

Your best bet to speed up processing of your return is to file electronically.

And you don’t have to wait until the deadline.  You may recall the 2020 deadline was pushed back to July 15th and last year to May 17.  This year, just a slight nudge back to April 18th.  That’s due to a holiday in the District of Columbia.

We’ll take a look at other topics to keep an eye on in upcoming videos that’ll leave you “Feeling Satisfied”.  See what I did there with another Boston reference.